Texas Higher Education Policy Institute

Working Papers

Excellence in Higher Education

Erisman, Wendy (2010). Assessing General Education Outcomes.

Holcombe, Lee, and Reinhart, Alyssa (2010).  Learning Outcomes Policy Recommendations.

Holcombe, Lee, and Cabezas, Livier (2009). Policy Brief "Criteria for the Texas Emerging National Research University Designation".

Erisman, Wendy (2009).  Measuring Student Learning as an Indicator of Institutional Effectiveness:  Practices, Challenges, and Possibilities. 

Cunha, J.M., and Miller, D.W. (2008). Quantitative Value-Added Measures in Higher Education:  Possibilities and Limitations in the State of Texas.

Developmental Education

Holcombe, Lee, and Alexander, Celeste (2009). Development Education in Texas: Recommendations for Systemic Improvement.

Nora, Amaury (2008). Remediation of College Students: A Summary of Empirical Findings on Developmental Education.

Cost Efficiency

Report of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board on Higher Education Cost Efficiencies to the Governor (2010).

Holcombe, Lee (2010).  Cost Efficiency Project Introductory Readings:  The Future of Higher Education and Cost Efficiency.

Holcombe, Lee, and Erisman, Wendy, and Snyder, Blanca (2009).  Reading Packet on the Cost Efficiency Study Areas.

Issue Briefs

Holcombe, Lee (2010).  Computer-based Instruction & Assessment in Developmental Education.

Holcombe, Lee (2010).  Building Long-Term Capacity to Increase Cost-Efficiency in Higher Education.

Von Eschenbach, Warren (2010)Developing Cost-Efficiency Measures.

Holcombe, Lee (2010).  Participation and Success Predictor Tool.

Reinhart, Alyssa and Holcombe, Lee (2010).  Social Networking and Professional Communities in Higher Education.

Holcombe, Lee (2010)Enhancing Productivity and Decreasing Costs with a 21st Century Data System.

Holcombe, Lee (2010).  Moving Forward with an Old Idea:  An Effective State Work-Study Program.